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Harnessing the power of email marketing!

Reach More Prospects and Customers

With email marketing, you're building your own platform—not someone else's.

* According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has a better ROI than both search engine advertising and social media marketing. It's the only method of those three where you “own” the contacts.

lead magnets for email subscribers

Build a Subscriber List

This image provides a good visual for the approach you'll use to build an email subscriber list. A “Lead Magnet” is something that provides your potential subscribers with enough value to convince them to sign up for your list. You'll need an opt-in form that automatically adds subscribers to the list.

Email marketing is effective because you build a targeted audience into a list of susbscribers who have given you permission to email them.

Create and Deliver Amazing Content

As soon as you have a list of subscribers, you're ready to begin sending them your emails or newsletter. It doesn't have to be long, like the old-style print newsletters. In fact for email, shorter is often better—but it does need to be interesting!

Don't sell constantly in your newsletters or you'll have readers racing to click the unsubscribe link. As with the lead magnet, offer something of value to your subscribers in each email. The goal is to develop a loyal following through your email campaigns.

write great email content
track email results

Track Email Results

Statistics from you email campaigns help determine whether you're hitting the mark with your content. Seeing open and click rates and which links or images in particular are clicked allows you to fine-tune the content according to subscriber's interests.

Unsubscribes may indicate your emails are too frequent—or perhaps so infrequent they've forgotten who you are!

There's a tendency to panic when the first unsubscribes begin coming in. Keep in mind the success of email marketing involves mailing to people who are interested in what you offer. If you're providing good content, unsubscribes aren't necessarily a bad thing.

VMail Marketing Services

Sounds simple, right?

The overall concept of email marketing is straightforward, however the process involves some technical skill and is time-consuming. More detailed steps for effective email marketing include:

  • Create a “Lead Magnet” that offers value
  • Create an opt-in subscriber form and add it to your website
  • Import any pre-existing subscribers
  • Validate the list to weed out bad addresses
  • Grow a list of interested subscribers
  • Design the first email
  • Add interesting content of benefit to subscribers
  • Test the email display on phone, tablet, & desktop
  • Avoid practices which get your email flagged as spam
  • Send the email campaign
  • Track campaign results: opens, clicks, and unsubscribes
  • Check your website statistics, if available, to monitor resulting web traffic
  • Back up the subscriber list and export it for safekeeping
  • Repeat on a predictable schedule whether weekly, monthly, or quarterly
email marketing services

As a small business owner, your time and skills are better spent handling other aspects of the business.

That's where VMail Marketing comes in! Contact me through the form below to discuss how I can handle the sticky details of your email marketing.
—Vicki Watson