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Initial Consultation

Visitors form an impression of your business or organization from the quality of your website. I don't create cookie-cutter sites. After consulting with you, I will create a unique and attractive design and will code it using the latest web technologies.

Client input and feedback are vital to the development process. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, I can meet you in person for a free, preliminary consultation. If you're outside that area, the consultation can be conducted through phone and email conversations. In the initial consultation, we'll discuss your goals for your website, the desired functionality and type of content.

If desired your site can utilize a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows clients to do some editing of the site themselves by logging in through an online interface. You don't have to do your own editing however. If you prefer, you can send me updates and I will make the changes for you.

Special thanks go to my wonderful visionary web designer (and editor) Vicki Watson. Without her, I would still be dreaming of what is now a reality.
 -Joy Curtis

Web Development Process

web design process

Here is the general process I follow for creating a website.

  • Initial consultation to determine the desired functionality and content of the website
  • Creation of a project proposal detailing exact site content and price
  • Client acceptance of the proposal
  • Website contract signed by VWeb and client
  • Initial payment as specified in the contract, generally one-fourth to one-third of the project price
  • If SEO package is included, determination of target keywords
  • Domain name registration and hosting account setup
  • Client provides any images, logo, or other content they have for the site
  • Design concept created and presented to the client
  • Upon acceptance of the overall site design, individual pages are created
  • Each page is presented to the client for feedback and approval
  • Completion of all pages and final site approval by the client
  • Uploading of the website to the live domain
  • Payment of the remainder of the contracted fee
  • Additional updates or modifications payable at the current hourly rate

Responsive Web Design

All sites are designed responsively to adapt to the dimensions of the viewing device, whether desktop, tablet, or phone.