Responsive Web Design

All sites are created using a technique called responsive design. This allows a single website to adjust automatically to display legibly based on the width of the viewing device.

If you're viewing this page on a desktop or laptop, you can see how a responsive site works by resizing your browser. The columns will shift around as the browser size changes.

responsive website design

Visitors will form a quick impression of your business or organization from the appearance of your website.

My development process includes:

  • Initial consultation to determine the type of content, goals for the website, and required functionality.
  • Consultations may be in person if in the Columbus, Ohio area. If not, phone or email work well.
  • I'll create a design concept for the home page (as an image). We'll work together to finalize that design/layout.
  • I'll turn that final design into a functional web page using the latest web technologies.
  • Your site can optionally be built with a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows clients to do some editing of the site themselves through an online interface.
  • You don't have to do your own editing. If you prefer, I can make the updates for you.

Special thanks go to my wonderful visionary web designer Vicki Watson. Without her, I would still be dreaming of what is now a reality.
 -Joy Curtis

I was nothing but satisfied with Vicki's work on my website. The thing I most appreciated about working with Vicki was her listening skills, and her ability to glean from me, through follow-up questions, exactly what I wished to accomplish from my website. I was also pleased with the administrator training that Vicki provided, as she was able to accurately gauge my level of experience, expertise and comfort. Vicki walked me through all the pertinent functionality in such a way that I felt neither inadequate in my ability to administer the website going forward, nor so overloaded with information that I felt overwhelmed logging in for the first time.
- Kathy

The Complete Package

Website, ecommerce setup, email list building, logo design, business cards, post cards, brochures, advertisements…

Are you getting started with a new business or in need of a fresh look for an existing site? I can handle both web and print projects, designing logos and print materials to coordinate with your site for a harmonious look.

See the portfolio page for samples of both web and print projects.

Do you have an existing site, but it's getting older and in need of a new look? Check out these before and after samples of website makeovers.

(below) Project including logo design, website, and business card

logo web and business card design

How important is design?

The main focus of clients I've worked with over the years has been what their site looks like. While design is important (especially for that first impression), I'm convinced it's not the most important factor for success.

If design isn't crucial—what is?

Content and Navigation! If you want your site to be visited—and revisited:

  • Add content that provides value. That content can take various forms: instructional, informative, entertaining, etc. but it needs to be something visitors find useful.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for. This includes easy-to-navigate menu systems, a sitemap, links, and a search feature. If your site includes a blog, use categories and tags to make it easy to locate desired information. No one is going to plow through years of dated blog archives to locate something of interest.
  • Avoid large walls of text. Use bullet points so text can be quickly scanned. Add images for visual interest.
  • Add new content at regular intervals. If your site sits for years with no fresh content, what incentive is there for visitors to return?

Think about the websites you visit most frequently or purchase items from. Is it because you sit and marvel at the beauty of those sites? I doubt it. It's because those sites have what you're looking for and you can easily find it. The same logic applies to your site.