Website Makeovers

Does your website look like it's straight out of 1990? An outdated website reflects badly on your business' reputation. Slide the circular button on the images below to view the before (left image) and after (right image) for these website makeovers.

In addition to an updated designs, all these sites are now responsive and easily viewable on any device from phone to desktop. One problem with older sites is that years ago, the standard width of a web page was much narrower, reflecting the resolution of display devices at the time. Today, those sites look way too narrow on a desktop, yet they're too wide and the text and menus too small for use on mobile devices. Older sites don't really look good on any devices today.

leeds farm before leeds farm makeover after
fisher construction law before fisher construction law makeover after
st johns before st johns makeover after
maize berries before maize berries makeover after